Become a Supervisee


Fostering Education

I believe supervision should be a growth experience for counselors, challenging them to learn more about themselves and the skills they know/use. You can expect supervision with me to be a rich learning environment that is also balanced with the safety to explore yourself and new interventions or ways of thinking.


Pursuing Excellence

It is important for supervisees to take ownership of their supervision experience and to work hard at becoming the best counselor they can be. You can expect me to ask you tough questions, to help you answer them yourself (rather than just giving you all the answers), and to develop your critical thinking skills.

Practicing Honesty

I will always be honest and transparent with you, as these facilitate a safe environment and trusting supervision relationship. Within this safety, you can expect to receive honest feedback from me that will always be in your best interest and for the purpose of helping you grow and develop as a counselor.


Creating Strengths

I want the supervision process to develop your strengths and highlight your skills as a counselor. You can expect specific feedback from me that encourages your strengths and helps you become more confident in who you are as a clinical professional.

Get in Touch

Give me a call or send me an email if you would like to discuss becoming my supervisee.