Photo Oct 15, 6 04 49 PM Chronically Creative is a faith-based Chronic illness support group utilizing an art therapy approach.

Do you have a chronic illness you are having trouble managing? Do others not understand when you say you are not feeling well – “but you look fine!”? Do you have trouble balancing the “I’m fines” with the truth that you are not fine? Does it make you depressed? Anxious?

Want to learn a different way to cope?

Join Cheryl Childers, MSW, LISW-CPS, ATR-P, Mondays: February 5, 12, 19, 26 March 5, 12, 19, 26 from 10am-12pm.

Suffering from chronic pain can be hard to explain to people. Hearing things like; you don’t look sick, you look fine, it can’t be that bad take their toll on a person’s emotions. Support and understanding can be found within a group setting while learning to express yourself.

The goals of the group are to provide the participant:

Validation: Chronic pain is best understood by someone who has experienced it. By being around others who are currently or have experienced chronic pain or illness can help an individual realize that they are not alone. Learning how to communicate with people who do not experience chronic pain or illness can empower a client to express their needs.

Suggestions: Groups allow individuals to work together to share ideas. With a chronic pain/illness group individuals can share how they deal with comments like “you don’t look sick” or “it can’t be that bad.” Sharing stories opens doors for others to find ways to help others understand the mental and physical toll chronic pain takes on them daily. A new outlook can lead to better understanding and better overall feeling.. to meet others with similar experiences who can join you on this creative journey to learn new coping strategies, insights to your illness and others. See how you can address your depression and anxiety head on as well as serve others in the midst of your pain.

Only 10 spots available for 8 weeks sessions – $360.

Call our office at (864) 501-3633 to schedule an intake appointment and to register for this group.